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Apocalypse Not Yet

Hey I'm Captain Shy. This is some music I wrote in 2003. Pre-Emptive Strike, Code Orange, and Weapons of Mass Destruction are some olde-style country tunes with themes from this wonderful modern age. They're an interpretation in sound of those needlepoint things people hang on their walls (saying things like "God Bless Our Home"). Originally my idea was to make needlepoint works that said things such as Code Orange. But instead I wrote songs. Then there are some of your regular ole love songs, some songs about depressed friends and ex-girlfriends, and a song about internet dating ("Electric Beach"). Guess that wraps em all up in a little box with pink tissue paper, as they say. I hope ya sure do enjoy these tunes! I'd like to give Danielle Ben-Veniste mad props for her excellent vocal harmony work - writing of harmonies and singing of them. And thanks to Alex for making this Webiste. And everybody. My email address is benross2000 AT yahoo DOT com. If you write and tell me what you think, I will worship you forever. Be good to each other.

(To save these songs to disk, right-click on a song and choose "Save As". To stream the whole album, use this link: index.m3u.

  1. Amputee of Crime
  2. Pre-Emptive Strike
  3. Electric Beach
  4. You Have a Lamp
  5. Walt Whitman, You're Just in Time!
  6. Questions for W.
  7. Code Orange
  8. Seventh Sight
  9. Night at The Parrot Mill Inn
  10. Weapons of Mass Destruction (Falling in love with Dick Cheney)
  11. Apocalypse Not Yet