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The Valley Cooperative House Network (VCHN) is an on-going dream of connecting people and cooperative homes in the Connecticut River valley of western Massachusetts. Our goal is to build community, collective economies, and equity for future cooperative projects.

We envision three phases of cooperation.

Community building: How many cooperative houses are there, and what do they share?¬† Let’s network and share events and openings in our houses.

Collective economies: Buying food together, storing food (canning, root cellar, freezers), car sharing, tool sharing…

Building equity: Creating cooperatively owned land and houses.

High St Co-op

The Campus of Love is a duplex home owned cooperatively by four people, two from each side of the two-family house. Three people live in one half of the house, four to five people live in the other half, and three ducks and five chickens ramble and roost in the back.

Here in the west wing, we sing sweet songs, have regular house meetings, have rotating cook nights and shared food, host potlucks, warm up by the woodstove, plant garlic in the fall, and bike year-round. We are committed to communicating openly, supporting each other, sharing resources, reducing consumption, and building community.

Basic Information

  • Location: Florence, MA
  • Founded: 2005
  • Size: 7-8 (4-5 in one half, 3 in the other)
  • Ownership: co-owned by 4 residents
  • Land: 0.38 acre back yard with garden projects and fowl