Mill River tubing forecast

Darn, no good tubing on the Mill River in the next 12 hours...

Good tubing on the Mill River in Northampton, MA, USA is defined as: temperature at least 76°F, chance of precipitation 30% or less, flow rate between 120 and 250 cubic feet per second.

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hour temperature precipitation flow rate (cfps)
11 am65°F0%64
12 pm69°F0%65
1 pm72°F0%66
2 pm75°F0%67
3 pm78°F0%68
4 pm79°F0%69
5 pm80°F0%70
6 pm80°F0%71
7 pm78°F0%71
8 pm76°F0%72
9 pm73°F0%73
10 pm68°F1%74

The photo above was taken on Sunday, August 28, 2011, at noon. The flow rate at that time was 4,380 cubic feet per second. It peaked a couple hours later at 7,020 cfps. Not good tubing!