#264: Rte10 traffic,FloMuralPainters, Housing Crunch

Suffering crows and spilling tangle of bikes dodging traffic on route 10;

Historic readings of the old Northampton state hospital;

People painting a history of Florence mural on the Florence Paint building along the r-t;

26m: Galantis:  No Money

My thoughts on the housing crisis in Northampton amidst ample empty space in houses that we can’t figure out how to share with each other, increasing square footage per person, and imagine how white people in Northampton undoubtedly have more square footage per person than brown and black people; apartments rented for $1250 and up  for a one bedroom just because a landlord can and not because that is a reflection of what the landlord needs; 6-8 High becoming a Housing Cooperative to permanently preserve affordable housing.

50m: Aloe Blacc: I Need a Dollar

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