#239: My day on Bike, LinGen MidAutumn Moon, Lisa Solvents

April says used to, they would wear big bushy dresses in winter and put warm bricks by their feet and the dress would keep their feet warm.

1m: short on material this week/morning, so I just took my recorder on my biking day with me.    street intersections with lights that don’t flip for cyclists.  Valley Recycling, Cans4Cancer, downtown sidewalk chalk artist are at work and Rob Kimmel shares with me while he’s drawing in front of the Roost.  Delicious tacos from Manna kitchen passed on down the line.  bikes from scrap metal.  Valley CDC has plans to build housing on Laurel St.  Hospital Hill historical moment.  squeaky chains on the bike path, the challenges of salvaging too much stuff that you impulsively want…

25m:  music for mid-autumn full moon tomorrow

28m: Lingen shares moon cake and Chinese mythology surrounding mid-autumn full moon

42m: Lisa, a student in Delaware who i met on the Amtrak in July, talks about art restoration/conservation and the use of solvents.

47m: Queen Elizabeth of England died last night, I was told.  Reminded me of a song from Trinidad, Terri Lyons, Calypso monarch with 2020 song “Meghan, My Dear.”  also known as “Dark Meat to the World.”  referencing Prince Harry’s leaving the throne due to social media haters of his marriage with darker-skinned wife Meghan.





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