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Land-O-Lakes butter box imagery  – what does a young woman with a headband and feathers have to do with the butter industry?  And did you know, if you buy Land-O-Lakes American cheese, the white kind, the receipt says, “White American LOL”

Hafiz’s poem:  “I am so glad”… “I am so glad you have come….”  Eric’s dad’s memorial, love between children and elderly parents ;making calls to ICE to #FreeEduardo; Bike cassette freezes up when it’s very cold after  a rainy day; reaching out to one another

16m: Eddy Grant, Living on the Frontline

Last night I saw “Whose Streets?”, a documentary about the 2014 events in Ferguson, after Michael Brown, an unarmed Black teenager, was shot by police.  The community rose up to demand justice, in this situation and many other, week after week, month after month, despite being portrayed in mainstream media as being rioters. thanks to all the black freedom fighters.     http://www.coming-together.org/

Buffy Sainte Marie: Starwalker

32m: David Rovics minipodcast on the housing crisis in the US, and his hometown or Portland, OR  https://drovics.podbean.com/e/living-room-elephant/

43m: panel discussion from April 2018 in Knoxville TN at the TN theater, a woman giving her memory of when her white high school was integrated in the 60s; also a college student today talks about her perspective.

Jean Ritchie sings “Movin On” and “Jubilee”

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