#73: Pulaski Park reopens!

First off in today’s show, some little stories from around town, including Maurice DeBois talking about his visit yesterday to Smead Island by Montague in the Connecticut River.  He was looking for pre-colonial artifacts… and then the Northfield Mountain Reservoir was released and the water was rising, so he called for rescue.

Next is coverage from the re-opening ceremony of Pulaski Park, Northampton’s main downtown public outdoor gathering place.  Initial design and community input sessions started in 2007.   Demolition and construction started last year.  Lauren Stimson, of Stimson and Associates, the designers, talks about special features of the park, including the rain garden/drainage ditch which takes dirty water from Main St and filters it naturally.  Also there is a play structure of natural materials, cafe and picnic tables, oaks and sycamores planted to replace trees that were cut, a drinking fountain, and more.  The Expandable Brass Band plays as part of the celebration, and people give feedback about the park.

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