#154: Aiko, Anouck, hitchiking across the Atlantic; Merikens

This is the 2nd episode about  my recent trip to Trinidad.

1m Arriving in Trinidad and getting through immigration

10m Aiko explains how she caught a ride on a boat from Europe to the Caribbean

29m Chronixx sings “There Ain’t No Givin In”

33m   Joseph B talks of his Meriken heritage.  The Merikens were enslaved in the southern US, and fought with the British in the War of 1812, with the promise of freedom, and eventually resettled in the southern part of Trinidad.

36m Ariel and Kamaya, two of the little girls of St Mary’s, cooking at Noriga’s

39m Bob Marley “Coming in from the Cold”

44m Anouck, another person who came as part of the One Family Farm work exchange, talks about her trip across the Atlantic.  findacrew.com is a boat hitchiking website that Aiko and Anouck both used.

55m Billy Joel “Downeaster Alexa”

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