#244: Chicago trip! Train and old Catholic Worker friends

I took Amtrak to Chicago the last weekend in September.
Train trip reflections – apples in Albany-Renssalaer, Loud fearful white rider afraid of Black neighborhoods, the Amish contingent…
In Chicago: Seth Tristan Jensen talks about Perennial Cooperative in Madison where he lives
Lucky’s bike placard says “Bicycling: A Quiet Statement Against Oil Wars”
Maria Barnes and Tim Herlihey, of Uptown Bikes in Chicago, talk about the start of Uptown/Urban Bikes in the 90’s, and I tell how it was a precursor to Pedal People starting in Northampton in 2002.
Mark Walden, on the sacredness of decades of Sunday frisbee football pickup games
Mike Bremer – his mom was committed to voting against Donald Trump in 2020, whether she was alive or dead.

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