#144: Stuff, Frances,BlueAprn

DownTownTrash profile clip: Linda tells about her situation:  “Walk in my shoes, and you’d be the same way!”

My observations/comments about things that are sold for hair removal, as I observe them downtown.  So bizarre.  (if you’re interested in more on this topic, check out Ep 96: Bearded Ladies Three)

Be active; push/find your physical capabilities.

Frances Crowe, as she goes into her 100th winter, she has her first power chair!

-a little about light pollution

-changes in the global recycling market: we (Pedal People/trash haulers) are paying by the pound for recycling cans and bottles.  PP pays the same for cans and bottles as for trash, at Valley Recycling. PLEASE empty water etc out of bottles you put in the recycling or trash.  Water is best transported by gravity/evaporation, not fossil fuels.  and pls don’t entomb water in a landfill.

And, Blue Apron food marketing system entails a lot of waste.

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