#236: KY Family Reunion, Sound of Scything, Carmencita

2m: Woodring family reunion,  July 28-30th.  I asked lots of my nieces and nephews, What are 3 things you do during the week?  Relatives from Castlewood, VA; Morgantown, WV, and Chenoa, KY.  From saving seed for Southern Exposure, to dealing cards at the casino, to engineering titanium staples for surgery zipping up.

18m: Jean Ritchie sings Black Waters.     still thinking of the E KY flooding.  And coal mining.

21m: the Sound of Scything.  so peaceful, safe, and affordable, compared to string trimming.

36m: Johnny Cash:  I Never Picked Cotton

40m: Salem Mazzawy, a friend/cyclist severely injured in a hit n run a couple of months ago, is back on his feet!

42m: Carmencita, my sister-in-law’s step mom  recently moved to KY from Guatemala.   How’s it going??  entrevista en espanol, with translation.

49m: Cynthia Erivo sings “Stand Up” from the movie Harriet

55m: the Beasts have taken two more lives, an elderly couple crossing the street in Easthampton last week

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