#61: Frances Crowe – transit, Gov’s office; Pipelines; Simple; BLM


A couple of months before her 97th birthday, with walking places becoming more difficult, Frances Crowe sold her car. She tells us about one day navigating transportation options around Northampton. Then she talks about her birthday visit yesterday to Gov Baker’s office to tell him to stop the pipeline and raise the solar net metering cap.

I have some anecdotes about the Unist’ot’en pipeline resistance in western Canada, about biking through fracked territory in PA, “natural gas” vs my natural gas, and a song “Wake up and Smell the Gas” by Mark Kelso.

Angie from Simple Diaper and Linen (http://simple.coop) talks briefly about the cloth and compostable diaper business.

In the last 15 minutes there is a clip from a Black Lives Matter forum in February, actually organized by WHMP, where 4 local Black panelists talk about their experience in Northampton.

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