#255: JohannaB on living in cmty; Ruthy tells My Money Story Pt1

Johanna Bronk came our way from Eastern Mass via Couchsurfing this weekend.  I appreciated her wisdom sharing about communal living situations she’s been in, and how to make them work better.

12m: Ben E King: Stand by Me (yes, my community-mates)

25m: Patti Smith: People have the Power

30m: we’re trying to get a pickup truck/trailer full of bicycles to Norfolk, VA, in early April to put on a sailboat/diesel boat to Haiti!

33m: My Money Story, part 1:  this is me, talking about my family background in Eastern KY.    My dad came from Polish immigrants in a coal town in Eastern PA, my mom from a family of English scholars in Raleigh, NC.  Both of them were devout Christians guided by ethical values of fairness, and rejecting materialism.    Relative to my friends, and neighbors, my family was pretty well off, never had to worry about food, clothing, school books, etc.  Yet we lived frugally, largely off the land.  And thank God my parents protected us from having TV in the house.  More of My Money Story coming next week!  cuz i only got to about age 15 today.

51: Pointer Sisters: Yes we Can Can

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