#165: TocoToby(TBOP), Serene Nembhard (HampshColl Compost)

I went to New York this past weekend, Rockaway Beach to be specific, to meet with Toby, also known as Clarance Tobias, or TocoToby.  I first contacted Toby back in July.  I’ve been trying to find more Trini  partners for the Trinidad Bicycle Osmosis Project, and when I read his Workaway  profile, about the work his foundation does with youth, sports, and the environment, I contacted him.  He said Yes, he’s interested.  He’s been in NY working for the summer, so not only did we get to meet in person to talk about the project, but he also hooked me up with a wetsuit, surfboard, and little surfing lesson through the surfshop where he works.  (I don’t think I’ve ever even touched a surfboard.)   And, he let me interview him for the show.   Toby shares about growing up in a rural coastal village,  the role bicycles can play in rural areas in Trinidad, his passion for sport, and enabling youth to have some of the same opportunities that he has had.  Tobiasfoundation.com

So, we’re moving forward on the project together.  We both plan to return to Trinidad in Oct/Nov, and continue working out details from there.  Toby has represented Trinidad and Tobago as a triathlete, and has connections in the biking community there.  The plan is to ship bikes in the spring.

The second half of the show is an interview with Serene Nembhard.  Serene is going into her junior year at Hampshire College.   She is coordinating expansion of compost collection at Hampshire College, and came to visit Pedal People to share inspiration.    C’mon and compost, people!  give it back to the earth.



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