# 96: Bearded ladies 3: Amiee, Paige, and me

Happy International Women’s Day! We have a recorded word from my friend Akesa Mafi, who came with her co-workers from Paolo Freire Charter school in Holyoke, to the women’s march/rally in Northampton today.


AND – We have special guest appearances by Amiee Ross and Paige Bridgens, who, together with myself, tell some of our stories of being naturally bearded ladies.  Says Amiee, “I don’t really care for the word ‘lady’ — unless it’s preceded by the word ‘bearded.'”         CatBerry calls into the radio station in solidarity.      (This is not on the show, but that night I ran into Susan Stinson [Ep 75] coming out of the library, and she laughingly mentioned when she first met Amiee [the most bearded of us all] outside the post office, and Amiee was like, “Hey, Beard-o!”)



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