#79: Alex’s train ride, Bill D and David M on wage theft ordinance

The first 15 minutes are random short clips about little community interactions of the past week: Betty Wolfson, a Florence neighbor who ran out with a homemade smoothie when I was picking up trash; Chris McCulley walking his bike down the sidewalk with a table saw on the milk crate; reactions I got Friday wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt; Ben Ross’ facebook post inviting people to meet in Pulaski Park to talk about whatever was on their minds;  butterfly spotting at the Florence community gardens; and a minute rant about fuzzy speaking toys in the trash.

At 16:00 min, Alex shares a story about hopping  a freight train home to Maine.

In the second half hour, Northampton City councillors Bill Dwight and David Murphy share their thoughts on a potential wage-theft ordinance in Northampton.  Bill Dwight wonders how we can make it effective, and David Murphy says it is the State’s role, not the City’s.

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