#53: Deciding what to buy; Refugee resettlement


Whether it’s food, clothing, or lottery tickets, how do we decide what to buy?  Or what we want?  I asked about 20 random people around town their thoughts on this.  It sounds like we’re generally pretty impulsive – and the advertising industry gambles $180 billion a year to shape our wants.

My good friend and housemate Alex Jarrett talks in depth about some of his consumer decisions.  Other featured voices include Nao, Stan-the-Fixit Man, and Joanna V.  For me, I try to answer two questions before buying anything:  Where did it come from ?  and Where will it go?

The last quarter of the show is highlights from a presentation about refugee resettlement by Deirdre Griffin, New American Program Director at Jewish Family Services in Springfield.  The presentation was at the Friends Meeting House in Northampton last Saturday.  The event was prompted by the current Syrian refugee crisis.  For more info, or for ways to volunteer, go to  http://www.jfswm.org/healing-world/refugee-services




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