#132: Howard Moore – N’ton Walking School Bus; Bill Morrow racial justice talk at Knoxville TN UCC

7m – driverless car rolls away at transfer center
9m – I join Howard Moore, a walking school bus driver, and 75 other people walking to Bridge St School.
16m Diamond Rio sings “Meet in the Middle”
20m – Bill Morrow, a speaker at Church of the Savior (UCC) in Knoxville, TN (a mostly white church), references the parable of the Good Samaritan and asks white people to notice ways we are in the ditch of ignorance and arrogance. Many times when people with more financial resources look at communities with less, and ask “How can I help?”, the “savior” overlooks the assets of the community they’re trying to “help.” “I’m rich; you’re poor. Let’s be friends.”
51m – Appalatin sings “Primavera”

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