#83: Crossing racial barriers in St Louis; Mt Moriah sermon; Speed N Sprocket

I just got back from 4 weeks away, mostly in KY.  But I also visited my good friend Carolyn Griffeth in St Louis.  She’s involved in the Catholic Worker community there.  She shares about how their mostly white intentional community, living in a mostly Black neighborhood, began to break down barriers and integrate, and follow the Black leadership in their neighborhood that they didn’t see before.  Recommended curriculum:  “Witnessing Whiteness” (witnessing whiteness.com).

Then there’s a 10-min clip of Rev Samuel Wansley of the Mt Moriah Baptist Church in Middlesboro, KY, preaching about Jesus’ command to the rich man to sell what he has and give to the poor.

At the end of the show, Liz Budd and Sean Condon of Speed N Sprocket Cycle Works in Holyoke talk bike repair and advocacy.  Liz founded HUBS in Holyoke, and Sean is also MassBike Pioneer Valley chapter president.

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