#54: Opioid addiction – Holyoke Health Center


How does opioid addiction and recovery work?

This seemed like a timely topic, given the recent spike in heroin overdoses in MA.  My housemate Tammi Kozuch works at the Holyoke Health Center, so I talked with her and two co-workers, Gene DiVincenzo and Liz O’Dair, about their work in the suboxone program there.

One thought on “#54: Opioid addiction – Holyoke Health Center”

  1. Hi Ruthy,

    I just learned of your radio show! Good to hear your voice again. I really enjoyed this show on opioid addiction. Out here (Portland, OR) I was able to work in a detox clinic which was a great educational experience. My team provided group acupuncture to help with the symptoms of detox. Do you know if the place in Holyoke, MA includes acupuncture? It sounded like a great team.

    Myra Mae

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