#278: PVTA Free: Nao and Alex, community events and tidbits

My coworkers Neal and Colin did their Pedal People routes today together on a tandem bike.

11: the PVTA is free again this year, from Thanksgiving to Xmas.  Nao Sakurai tells us why she rides the bus, all year round.

25: Tom Lehrer sings “Hanukkah in Santa Monica”

27: my friend Bill is taking a cruise to Trinidad and back.  maybe  i can catch a ride so i don’t have to violate my ethics by flying???

29: Peter Paul and Mary: Light One Candle

33: in Flo trash barrel I found “Air and Space Forces” magazine, classic pro-US-Global-Military-Dominance mindset.  I share some key quotes.

36: my morning waking-up rant about American culture and the environment

41: Alex Jarrett on riding the PVTA  (intervw from last year actually)

52: Amiga Negra art show

54: Chants from the rally for Palestine Dec 3

55: garbage truck emptying a paper recycling dumpster downtown: what a lot of loud complicated machinery.  and they drop cardboard and paper just like Pedal People does sometimes.



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