#107: A meaningful life?, Cat litter factory, Fox catching

For the first 10 minutes, Duane Ranney and I talk about challenges with the Northampton Housing Authority’s recent “cleaning up” of porches, and cutting down of plants.

at 15 min I philosophize on “What makes a life meaningful?”

don’t forget the new Soujourner Truth school for social change leadership.  Truthschool.org

at 25 min there’s an interview with Tina, a woman I sat next to on the bus in mid-June going from Durham, NC, to Richmond, VA.  I asked her about her job on the cat litter line at the Nestle-Purina factory in King William Co, VA.

At 34 min Warren Zevon sings “The Factory”

at 37 min I read another essay:  “Remote Control life Drones on.”

at 45 min my niece Christina Moyer, from Castlewood, VA, tells how she caught a fox ( a possum, and almost a raccoon) late one night, when all she was trying to do was put away the poultry and milk the cow.


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