#71: Water, Berries, Black Lives

It’s dry.  According to a sign I read on the street, a vegan diet’s “water footprint” is 400 gallons per day!  Wow!  But zowzie, a “traditional diet” uses 1000 gallons of water per day!  source: http://www.truthordrought.com/#!National-Geographic-A-Vegan-Diet-Saves-600-Gallons-of-Water-Per-Day/cjds/54c51c600cf2fadc224fdad2

Russ Masse, a co-worker who also works as a bartender sometimes, says that in bars, at the end of the day, they pour the leftover ice in the sink and gush the hot water on it while they go about their business cleaning up, til all the ice is melted.  Russ shares stories about talking to friends and coworkers about water conservation.


I came across Blanche Derby straddling her bicycle eating raspberries.  Even the raspberries are dry and withered this year.   Blanche knows all about what to eat in Northampton:  https://www.youtube.com/user/thederb720


The bulk of the show is speeches from the AFSC/BLM event on the steps of City Hall the previous evening.  The week before,  graphic videos of police murders of two black men were played around the world (Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castille in St. Paul).  They were only two of at least 5 black people killed by law enforcement in the US that week, but these two were recorded by non-police, and the videos were made public, leading to another swelling of awareness among white people about how black people are not safe or valued in this country.

Some speakers include Zion Barbour, of the Northampton High School Students of Color Associaton; Alisa Klein, Northampton City Councilor; AfroPanther, Z, Izzy, residents; Misha from SURJ, and Jossie Valentin, Holyoke City Councilor.

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