#86: Pablo’s trailer rider; Alex and Ruthy’s relationship evolution

The first 8 minutes are my housemate Pablo telling the story of a young man wearing a white sheet who escaped into his trailer tub as he was biking down the bike path.

The bulk of the show is me and Alex, live in the studio, talking about our relationship. We have lived together for the last 15 years, with the first 10 being as intimate partners, and the last 5 as good friends, co-workers, co-homeowners. What were some challenges in this transition, and how did we address them? And where do we see ourselves going from here? What does it mean to be “single”? and the role of community?
Alex also plays and sings a couple songs.
We also play some music of our friends Jean Rowe and Liam Robinson, who are doing a house concert at our house Fri Dec 9, 7pm, at 8 High St Florence. The very end of the show is a new “National Anthem” that Jean wrote.

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