#257: DTTthoughts, BarnRaising, LinGenPPerson, My Money Story Pt 2

DTT thoughts on phases of aging; the Chase Bank takeover of downtown N’ton; spring peepers in the Barrett St marsh;

7m : Alicia Spence, timber framer, leads a group of largely women builders in the (re) construction of a timber frame barn at Historic Northampton.

11m: Shakira, Whenever Wherever

15m ; LinGen and I talk near the paper compacter at Valley Recycling about his career as a Pedal Person, and perhaps soon also as a massage therapist.

21m:  Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

24m: Who’s going to grow food for me this year?

28m: Appetite for Change,  Grow Food

34m ; And the long-promised Part 2 of My Money Story .  (Pt 1 was Episode #255 )  In Part 2, we get to Paying for college, the 8-year plan, rent-free but 24-7 at the Catholic Worker, rushed bike messenger dreaming of slow bike riding work, dumpster diving, war tax resistance, inheriting $28,000, becoming a collective homeowner with Alex Jarrett and others,  living a full simple life and feeling blessed.

55m: Chronixx, I can


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