#237: Flats in Rain, Nedra of Civil Bikes, Atlanta trees, summer drought nights

It rained!!! yay! Thunderstorms and flat tires on my bike and trailer.  Flat tires are a good way to meet neighbors.

7m:  Peter Paul and Mary sing Day is Done

11m: going back to clips from my trip from KY to Knoxville to Atlanta to Richmond on August 1-3, 2022.

14m: Nedra Deadwyler, of Civil Bikes in Atlanta, talks about how she started the Civil Bikes heritage/historical tours, and how to build understanding and create change for good.

35m: Angelique Kidjo, Born Under Punches

40m: some of the best discoveries happen when I duck into the bushes looking for a place to pee.  In Atlanta, this lead me to a park with trees of….All You Can Eat FIGS!!      also, Nedra said Atlanta is sometimes referred as the City of Trees.  there are many!  then I stopped in Oakland Cemetery (arboretum) and ran into Walt, a cemetery volunteer who also does bike tours in Atlanta.

46m: a visit to Atlanta isn’t complete without visiting the Martin Luther King Jr historical site.  Hear 6 Principles of Nonviolence.

47m: Summer nights in the back yard of 8 High St: the crickets, katydids, sharing washing /bathing water with the trees in the soft darkness, Ben Ross (and Alex J)  singing and playing guitar inside with the music dancing out the open windows into the warm night.


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