#141: Mickael after the rickshaw; DTTrashy Air

In the last show, Ep 140, Mickael was finishing up the rickshaw.  Well, now it’s two weeks later, and he and the 3 children have spent a week travelling with it, starting in Northampton, MA, and ending up in Plainville, CT.  How was the trip???  Your body?  People’s reactions?  the beauty of living  on a lush branch of the tree of the world while the trunk is rotten?  the visits from the police?        ( I was with them for a lot of the trip.)

This interview is over the phone, since Mickael and family were in South Carolina, and headed back to France.

Min 38:  Talking Heads with “Totally Nude”

42:  Election Day is coming up.  5 myths about voting, from the Teaching Tolerance magazine

45: Leaf blowers downtown drive me crazy!!  When I talk to the man, he says that nothing can be done about the fact that he’s trying to blow tiny wet honey locust leaves in the drizzle at max power/volume.

And then there’s the guy idling diesel exhaust…”Excuse me, I don’t know if you realize, but the exhaust from your truck makes it hard to breathe all the way down the block…”

52: Talking Heads with “Once in a Lifetime”

#140: Mickael and the rickshaw

Mickael and his 3 children came here from France last week, and within a week have made a rickshaw/covered wagon from black locust poles harvested from the woods, scavenged bike parts from the Bike Lab, nets and rope.   It’s a family vehicle, complete with a homemade rocket stove.  It’s  a dream he has had for a while, to make a rickshaw in the USA and travel with it.

#135: Cockfighting, my folks about AC

July 11, 2018

on a Greyhound bus breakdown in Bristol, TN, travelers I’m waiting around with talk about the ins and outs of cockfighting.

and my parents in KY talk about how they see no need for air conditioning as they have dinner and can tomatoes in an 87 degree house.

#134: ValleyBikeShare, Tunnel Boys, FrancesCrowe on VietnamDraftCounseling

maybe i’ll describe this post more in detail later, but i’m traveling to KY June 14-July 3.

Valley Bike Share – opening celebration June 28th, Pulaski Park

Beweegen electric-assist bicycles – Stanley Brown, James Duffney, Jim Duffney

Bike tunnel boys  – 7th graders from MontessoriSchool, Duane Ranney, Ethan Tupelo. MassDOT secretary Stephanie Pollack, N’ton Mayor David Narcewicz

and the feature interview:  Frances Crowe, on how she got involved with educating young men, and the draft board, about Conscientious Objection during the Vietnam War, 1968-1969.

songs by El David Aguilar, Phil Ochs, Pete Seeter,

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