#63: Snowstories, Karl M CT River, Eat all, Pass the Quarter


Duane Ranney rejoins the show today to share stories of hauling a bike trash trailer in Monday’s snowstorm. He also adds his humor in other pieces of today’s show, like my talking about eating everything (mid-show), and towards the end of the show, anecdotes about needing and sharing quarters around town.

Karl Meyer, who I met on the pipeline walk a couple weeks ago, talks about the Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage Station, which was built to utilize unused nuclear power to pump the CT River up the mountain, when electricity demand is low, and then release the water at other times of day when demand/price is higher. Now that the nuclear plants are closed, the river is being pumped up with fossil fuels, sometimes reversing the current from as far as 1.5 miles downstream at the French King Bridge! Karl talks about how draining and releasing the river wreaks havoc on the water ecosystem. (karlmeyerwriting.com/blog)

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