#272: BikePathBrawlers, Howard n Brekton Bridge st walking School Bus, Eli Damon E’ton Disability Commission

more distressed people on the rail trail by my house;

9m: afsc suggestions for Bystander Intervention

14m: Howard Moore invites me and others to join the walking school bus every morning to Bridge St School.  Brekton Drougas, my coworker in Pedal People, is also a crossing guard .  If you’re interested in being a walking bus “driver”, call Howard at 413-237-4880.

24m Janelle Monae: Tightrope

28m:Eli Damon is vice chair of the Easthampton Commission on Disability, and a CyclingSavvy instructor.  https://cyclingsavvy.org/  Eli gives a little report back about the ECD presentation to City, and advocates for shared public space for all users, not just those with driving privilege.

43m: Mary J Blige: Just Fine

pickup ultimate in Haydenville is no longer Fridays at 6pm but due to the shortening daylight, it’s Sundays at 2pm.     also sometimes there are games at Veterans Field  in Northampton Sat at 3 and Tuesdays at 5.

50: African Heritage Reparations Assembly of Amherst has released its report.

55: Beyonce: Black Parade

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