#265: ElkinsMusicGarage, JenRoberge on S’tonR-T, MayorG-LS and CarolynMisch on Northampton Bike-Friendly

I ran into Jamie Elkins of Ford Crossing (Hospital Hill) while doing trash pickup, and he talks about his train art project and his wife Ginny’s Music Garage open mic nights.  next one is Thurs Aug 17th, 2023, 11 Ford Crossing, in the garage/driveway.

Jen Roberge has been working on the rail trail extension from Easthampton through Southampton,( headed to connect with Westfield and New Haven) for over 18 years!  Finally a 3.8 mi stretch on the old rail bed is gonna happen.

Nick Richer of Bike Talk put me up to this:  interviewing Mayor Gina Louise Sciarra and head of Planning and Sustainability Carolyn Misch about Northampton’s bikeability.  Lots has been done, and is being done to provide people non-motorized transportation options, in the face of an overwhelming global and local oil and auto dominated economy (and did i mention brainwashing? no.)

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