#103: Ruth Tirado, Casa Latina

Ruth Tirado, president of the board of directors of Casa Latina, joins me in the studio.  (http://Casalatinainc.org) Casa Latina is the only Latino-led and Latino-focused organization in Hampshire County. They promote self-sufficiency and a sense of community among local Latinos.  Ruth talks about some of Casa Latina’s different projects, and how she got involved over the years.  Ruth and I met last week doing the Northampton Food Rescue project at Hampshire Heights.

Tuesday night at the Iron Horse is Latin dance night!  Ruth says it was great, a fun way to share local latinidad.

Also, at the beginning of the show, I share a little story about how earlier in the day, biking through Easthampton hauling compost, I passed a young man, an EHS student, walking down the path with a basketball under one arm and a confederate flag wrapped around him.  So we played basketball together for a bit and I asked him about the flag.

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