#108: New Citizen DianaS; YoumeNL PitchBlack

Yesterday at the annual July 4th new citizen swearing-in in downtown Northampton, I saw Diana Sierra take the oath. Diana is an outspoken advocate for immigrant rights, and in this episode she shares some of her conflicting feelings about becoming part of a select few immigrants who are able to get documents in this country. Other interviewees today (Mordi Camel, Yvonne, Ruthie Oland, Christine Mirabal) talk about the importance of the right to vote. Diana stresses that people without the right to vote still have the power to organize.  (You can listen to an October 2016 interview with Diana on Out There, episode #80.)

at 27 min, my short shpiel about meekly inheriting the berries of the earth

at 30 min, an interview with Youme Nguyen-Ly about her recent visit to Florida to collaborate with Immokalee workers.  Youme also talks about a book that she co-wrote/illustrated with Anthony Horton, called Pitch Black, about their becoming friends in the New York subway tunnels and Anthony sharing about his life there.

and there’s some Buffy St Marie music mixed in.


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