#269: BikenC4C observations, DCC opening, DylanSavingSharing, Frankie Max

Lots of observations to be had today, riding to Valley Recycling: the persistent r-t scribbler, finding cucumbers, counting cans at Cans4Cancer, “building community”, the inefficiencies of life, the point of it all:   one of my ditties on love, minute 13. Gifts of scavenged watermelon and homemade lunch.

Kristen Rhodes and Nataya Birch from the just-opened Northampton Division of Community Care.  the DCC was formed in response to calls 3 years ago for people in Northampton to have someone to ask, somewhere to go for help in crisis situations besides calling armed agents (the police). https://www.northamptondcc.org/  Text or Call 877-DCC-0413 (877-322-0413)

Dylan Cacador, a DCC community responder, talks about some of his previous projects in Amherst, setting up free food pantry exchange boxes; separate bins for deposits at apartment complex dumpsters; etc/

Frankie and Max, potential new housemates at the soon-to-be  Flo-Op Housing Co-op (my house), talk about making vinegar with apple cores and preserving veggies and herbs/medicinals in it.

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