#270: EthanT(W)aste of Northampton, (no)ParkingDay, BobCatBob,Johnny,JoanS

Stories from my day (week): it’s (no)ParkingDay; BobCatBob is sharing food and beer and keeping evil spirits away from 8 High, no money orders in Northampton this week b/c of last week’s power surge.
Last Saturday was Taste (Waste) of Northampton. The streets were closed to automobiles and filled with food vendors and people eating and making trash. 13 Pedal People trailer loads in fact.

11m: Ethan Tupelo (my Pedal People coworker/coowner) and I were hauling trash by bike.  Ethan is on the Springfield MRF advisory board, as well as a professor at Hampshire College. We talk about trash, of course.  and recycling.

22m: Isaac Andreas: Dumpster Flex https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rPgPBxlXi0

38: apples for applesauce, you can find them all over town, except i didn’t get any at Smith Voke last night despite my initial attempt. maybe got poison ivy instead.

40: Garth Brooks, I’ve got friends in Low Places

45: Oh yeah, another story trail i had mentioned last week on Out There was meeting people at cans4cancer, and the guy that brought us drinks on a really hot day 3 years ago..then yesterday, I’m doing PP and the mail carrier, it’s Johnny!

48: Joan Schaffer is riding up the bike path and tells me about a bike trip she and some friends took in Montreal last week, on a rail-trail, 200km through the Laurention Mtns.

Happy Rosh Hashana!

oh, and when giant machines are crushing things, watch out for flying pieces, especially at Valley Recycling.

53: Patsy Cline: Crazy

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