#134: ValleyBikeShare, Tunnel Boys, FrancesCrowe on VietnamDraftCounseling

maybe i’ll describe this post more in detail later, but i’m traveling to KY June 14-July 3.

Valley Bike Share – opening celebration June 28th, Pulaski Park

Beweegen electric-assist bicycles – Stanley Brown, James Duffney, Jim Duffney

Bike tunnel boys  – 7th graders from MontessoriSchool, Duane Ranney, Ethan Tupelo. MassDOT secretary Stephanie Pollack, N’ton Mayor David Narcewicz

and the feature interview:  Frances Crowe, on how she got involved with educating young men, and the draft board, about Conscientious Objection during the Vietnam War, 1968-1969.

songs by El David Aguilar, Phil Ochs, Pete Seeter,

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