#110: Carla Shaffer, gardenaire; Stephanie on hitchhiking

Today’s show – first I give a grateful list of what people gave me to eat today around N’ton and Easthampton.  (did you know that if you let HighLawn heavy cream sit in the fridge in its bottle, it will likely turn into butter on its own?  at least it has for me, twice.  at 45-48 degrees.)
At 5 min, Carla Shaeffer, gardener/farmer extraordinaire at the Florence community gardens shares tips on how she has made her garden so amazing.
At 25 min, a little Luke Bryan, singing “Rain is a good thing.”
At 28 min, our houseguest from last week, Stephanie, and I talk about hitchhiking. Stephanie has hitchiked all over the country, and especially a lot in Arizona, where she’s from. I share the story of the ride I got coming out of Atlanta with some people who I assumed were smugglers/smuggled.
At 52 min, Johnny Cash, I just can’t resist playing “I’ve Been Everywhere.”
And at the end – to reach the congressional switchboard and your congresspeople, call 202-224-3121.  For state government:  MAlegislature.gov

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  1. The playback/download links don’t seem to be working. I missed this episode, and would love to hear it.

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