#234: Manya,Sigrid,Kalia,Jules&ErinGFN,CalebPP,Smiles

2m: Sigrid and Winston and family have a pear tree in their yard that still technically belongs to the woman who sold them their house many years ago, who wrote it in the sale agreement that the tree would remain hers, tho she lives in TX.  But Sigrid and squirrels eat all the pears.

5m: Manya and I are picking gooseberries at the Flo community gardens and talking about the difficulty in  getting things repaired in the US as compared to her Indian homeland. 

FIxing things – did I mention CLEANING and LUBE??

10m: Chung Ha sings (and pants) about going for a “bike” ride.  have you seen the bike sticker that has a picture of a bike and says “Put the fun between your legs”?

14m: Jules and Erin from Grow Food Northampton, and KC, at the GFN food distribution table behind Macdonald House in downtown Northampton.

24m: Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell sing the Onion Song

27m: follow up with Kalia about the high cost of having a place to live, even camping free, and meeting basic needs without stable shelter, or a place to cook food, or chompers for eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

31m:  Hoyt Axton sings Greenback Dollar

36m: Caleb, one of my coworkers at Pedal People stopped at my house for post-route replenishing after his double-routes on July 5 (holiday delay).   He shares about his Pedal People experience, a conversation which inevitably turns to consumerism, waste, the plastics industry control of economy and disposability culture, etc.   Oh, and the Valley Time Trade barter network.

51m:  I ran into Smiles when i was downtown doing trash pickups, sitting in the shade of a tree with her guitar.  She always shouts a Power to the Pedal People cheer when she sees us, even if I don’t see  her at first.  She sings an original,  “Don’t arrest the Clown”,  and “Bury me Beneath the Willow”




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