#141: Mickael after the rickshaw; DTTrashy Air

In the last show, Ep 140, Mickael was finishing up the rickshaw.  Well, now it’s two weeks later, and he and the 3 children have spent a week travelling with it, starting in Northampton, MA, and ending up in Plainville, CT.  How was the trip???  Your body?  People’s reactions?  the beauty of living  on a lush branch of the tree of the world while the trunk is rotten?  the visits from the police?        ( I was with them for a lot of the trip.)

This interview is over the phone, since Mickael and family were in South Carolina, and headed back to France.

Min 38:  Talking Heads with “Totally Nude”

42:  Election Day is coming up.  5 myths about voting, from the Teaching Tolerance magazine

45: Leaf blowers downtown drive me crazy!!  When I talk to the man, he says that nothing can be done about the fact that he’s trying to blow tiny wet honey locust leaves in the drizzle at max power/volume.

And then there’s the guy idling diesel exhaust…”Excuse me, I don’t know if you realize, but the exhaust from your truck makes it hard to breathe all the way down the block…”

52: Talking Heads with “Once in a Lifetime”

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