#128: Blue Apron, Marty the Pirate, Kali Baba, smokin pole

2m – the mystery of the blue apron – What is this highly-packaged boxed food delivery service?  Erik Lokensgard (former service subscriber), Kristen Wilmer (works with local farmers), Lingeng (trash hauler) and I (trash hauler) share our views.

11m – song:  Plastic State of  Mind

14m – watching a utility pole catch on fire

18m – Kali Baba McConnell playing guitar and spreading the love

22m Marty “the Pirate” Mirabol Jr, on having his campsite/belongings removed by the City earlier in Jan/Feb

30m – Living Colour sings Open Letter to a Landlord

38m – Alex Jarrett shares about going rafting on the CT River Feb 21st, and having lunch on an iceberg

41m – National War Tax Resisters Coordinating Committee.  If you don’t like the military budget, then redirect your taxes.   Easier said than done, but check out http://nwtrcc.org for resources.

43: I found in DTT a sealed plastic cup with pomegranate seeds in it.  Now why would human beings take something in nature’s perfect packaging, well-preserved, and remove the peel and put it in plastic?!

44: song “Barges”, parody of Thrift Store,   Everything comes on Barges, too much shipping and packaging, let’s grow our own.

48: a reading of Jim Woodring’s writing on his favorite season, and the joy of being alive today

53: Fishbone sings “Every Day Sunshine”


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