#233: Freedge, DavidEbike, LolaSwimming, Ali WP

This week for OutThere, live from the Dow studio at Valley Free Radio:

3m: Aimee Francaes, Shanna Fishel, and Tony are repairing the Freedge/take-it-or-leave-it food shelves on the bike path behind my house. The Freedge here is almost one year old. facebook: Northampton Community Freedge

9m: David who lives downtown recently got an ebike. Being on oxygen and unable to ride a regular bike, it has completely changed his ability to go where he wants. He can even bring groceries on his bike up on the elevator and unload his vehicle in his kitchen!

18m: Electric Slide song, by Martha Griffiths

22m: Lola Reed enjoys swimming

26m: My thoughts:  Have you ever thought about depaving some ASSphalt, especially on  a 95 degree day like today?  Call me, I can help, I have a sledge and pick.    Plus, thanks to Northampton drivers for their courtesy.     And, discovering another cherry tree!  and another mulberry tree, a big boost during a Pedal People route when the sun is blazing down.  Don’t forget to drink your switchel (in a quart jar of water, add a heaping spoonful of honey/sweetener and apple cider vinegar,  a pinch of salt, shake and drink as desired.  Then make another one and repeat.)

31m: Eddy Grant sings Electric Avenue. (I said Eddy is from Trinidad but i was mistaken, he’s from Guyana. Anyway, he’s ultra-cute, IMHO, and appears to be a responsible global citizen. Oh, and i now read he has a case against Donald Trump for illegally using Electric Avenue in a campaign ad.  )

35m: Nick Mattern, (we have a mutual friend Kathy Kelly)  is working on a campaign to stop armed drones. bankillerdrones.org

37m: Rodrigo went on a bus to the Poor People’s Campaign and Moral Revival March on June 18th. The event was multi-lingual, but most importantly they were speaking Heart language.   Paz y Justicia.

41m: Tem Blessed performed at theJuneteenth celebration in Amherst on June 19th.

44m: let’s take a walk to Fitzgerald Lake with Ali Wilson-Pierce,  who is now 7 years post-Pedal People, 10-week old baby at her busom, 35 years old, social worker at the VA, and still $75,000 in student loan debt.

53m: Aretha Franklin says “Think!!”




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