#280: PPConsumerism, Eric and Pamela Matlock

Christmas is in a few days.  As a trash hauler, Christmas means Consumerism, Trash, Waste.

1: Rev Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping sing it like it is

4: myself and my coworkers have a debriefing session.  Brett, Miguel, Cara.  oh, and a former coworker and current customer Emily Fabel brings out the cookies and gizzards 🙂  And an excerpt from my coworker Ethan Tupelo’s book/dissertation.

15: chants from last Saturday’s 25 mile march for Palestine, from  Northampton to Springfield.  “New Day, Same Fight!  All Day, All Night!””Not another nickel, Not another dime! No more money for Israel’s Crimes!”  “When People are Occupied, Resistance is Justified!”

20: the Flo-Op is looking for 2 new housemates, preferably towards the perfect fit end of the spectrum

23: Psychostick sings (or yells) N.O.E.L. ,making the connections between shopping and war

28: Bike Party/critical mass clip from last night’s ride to Look Park

29: Eric and Pamela Matlock, the feature interview for today.  This interview was actually from 2019, but is still pretty darn relevant.  They talk about their work on the street in Northampton to demand respect for houseless people, and an end to hostile and accusatory treatment of houseless people, drunk people, cigarette-smoking people, people of color, by the police, and by people who call the police, and by people who smoke up the air with car exhaust.

Judge: Civil-Rights Lawsuit Against Northampton Police can Proceed


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