#258: YomPabDanceSwim, BikeClub, Gabor’sBamboo

Today’s show…

2m – Angelique Kidjo and Jessy Wilson sing Keep Rising from The Woman King

8m: Bike Club interviews from JFK Middle school, the boys and Adele and I.

Yomaira and Pablo are at Musante Beach for a 50-something degree  Easter dip, after dancing the Sunday morning Dance Spirit free form dance at the Williamsburg Grange.

I went to Gabor’s in Amherst this morning for bamboo, and he tells us all about its life cycle.

On the way back, with a trailer load of bamboo, at Hatfield and N Elm I saw two cop cars and a Black man so I figured that would be a good place to stop to eat a grapefruit fresh from the Aldi’s dumpster, and eventually I realized, That’s my friend!¬† the Ghanaian guy. Everything was chill, and resolved with the help of the CSO mental health co-responder person, the police, some friends, and the EMTs.


One thought on “#258: YomPabDanceSwim, BikeClub, Gabor’sBamboo”

  1. + at the end, a Ruthy riff on Joan Jett and the Blackhearts: “I like haulin’ trash”. It’s catchy and was in my head the rest of the day, hehehe.

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