#97: Betty Sharpe (Historic Northampton, & Duane); JohnPaul re Valley Venture Mentors

Visit the 4-story hanging potted plant in the middle stairwell of the Arts and Industry building, 240 Pine St, Florence! Pablo and I admire it.

Duane and I take a visit to Historic Northampton to view the States of Incarceration exhibit. Co-director of HN, Betty Sharpe, explains the exhibit and her role. Duane shares personal stories – like cooking in the jail for then-governor Michael Dukakis, and the giant plate of melted cheese.

John Paul Tademe, who is couchsurfing at my house, is here from Ghana to participate in the Valley Venture Mentors entrepreneurship program in Springfield. He and his co-founders are creating an internet-based way to connect people who need work done with tradespeople. Trabapido is the 3rd business he has started. He said he has been an entrepreneur since he was a boy in Ghana, cracking stones for sale or selling kerosene.

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