#55: Ezra Parzybok – medical marijuana


Medical marijuana was legalized in Massachusetts in 2013.  But it has taken almost 3 years for the first dispensary to open in Western Mass.  Meet Ezra Parzybok of Florence,  a medical marijuana consultant and outspoken advocate for medical marijuana.  Ezra was also running a dispensary out of his home – until it was raided last fall.  Ezra talks about his personal story, and about ways cannabis can ease people’s pain, including a story about how one of his clients found healing from lung cancer by smoking marijuana.  Ezra also talks about issues with the law, and how the laws and stereotypes around marijuana are applied differently depending on race and class

And at the beginning of the show, Luna Puchalsky has a 5-min segment of street interviews she did, asking people about the biggest problem this country faces in the upcoming year.

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