#274: Grieving Duane Ranney, Enrico clearing path, MaxWill apples

This show is all about my life in the wake of Duane’s death.

Memorial for Duane this Sunday, Nov 12th, at noon, at Veteran’s Field (Skate Park), on the rail-trail/ West St in Northampton.

https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/gazettenet/name/duane-ranney-obituary?id=53550011  (I left out the sex, drugs, n rock n roll when I wrote this.  It’s like, you die and overnight you’re a saint!)

the Cancer Connection, where Duane/Cans4Cancer2.0 donates $, is doing a gofundme for Duane’s cremation and obituary expenses ($2,000 total; the site isn’t up yet, but the money will go to reimburse me, so feel free to just give me money :))

7m: Olivia Newton John – Magic

22m: Diana Ross: Upside Down

40m: Enrico is blowing fallen leaves off the Manhan r-t, it’s a long stretch, maintained by volunteers.

btw, this interview with Enrico on Nov 8th was the first time I had the emotional energy to think about my show and interview someone in 2 weeks, since Duane died.  And i didn’t really feel like i had the energy to do an interview, i just made myself.  I felt like giving up on my show.  but Duane never gave up.  (“I don’t want to hear ‘I can’t’!”) He just had to die because the blood from the ruptured vessel vain or whatever in his throat by his trake was going out faster than it made sense to try to put it in, given his frailty n complications.

45m: Max and Will are gleaning November apples on Fair St

53: Irene Cara: Fame

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