#241: black walnuts, snake on path, Maya Lieberman Scents, Nancy moves in

1m fitst ever Doozy Do parade, fundraiser for Northamoton Neighbors

Black walnut harvest, by the skate park!  (i got 3000lbs in KY last October)

oof, I almost ran over a snake on the bike path with my trailer! How do animals deal with stress and trauma about losing their homes/habitats?

My new housemate Nancy Luce just moved in.  Sara’s aunt. After 20 years of living in her own home.  So now we have 3 generations living in our house 🙂

Maya Lieberman and I have a chat on the bike path bench about ultra-chemically-scented things, like garbage bags, laundry detergent, dryer sheets.  As someone who gets headaches and has breathing problems around heavily scented things, Maya offers suggestions on how to kindly educate, and share space (and fragrance-free laundry detergent) with housemates who don’t seem as affected by the scents. Shoutout to Steve Shea for making a washer and dryer in the downtown Florence laundromat scent free.






lack walnuts are

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