#125: Maida (farmer), Amadou (cab driver), Annie S-C (coop finances), Hitching

I’ve been in KY the past 3-4 weeks, and today’s show features people I met in my travels.

First is Maida Ives, manager at Book and Plow Farm at Amherst College, where she farms with athletic strength and flair. She mentions Farm for Good, an organization that connects aspiring farmers with available land.

at 14 min: When I got off the bus in Knoxville, 5am on a 12-degree night, people without bus tickets were trying to the escape the cold, and Greyhound security was trying to make them leave. A young man recounts his version of witnessing this earlier in the evening/morning. Sadly, this was a common scene in many of the bus stations I passed through on this trip.

15 min: Amadou Camara, a taxi driver in Knoxville, shares his enjoyment of the job, and desires to improve the taxi industry’s efficiency, sustainability, use of technology, and viability, especially given the uneven playing field with Uber and Lyft.

21 min:  Israel Vibration sings “My Master’s Will”

27 min:  Annie Sullivan-Chin, former Pedal Person now living in Brooklyn and part of A Bookkeeping Cooperative, is working on a financial literacy “toolbox” to help other cooperators and justice oriented groups to develop financial skills with anti-oppression and collective ideology.  http://www.toolboxfored.org

45 min:  Thoughts of a hitchhiker standing alone on the side of the road, as I try to get 60-75 miles from Knoxville up to  KY.

54 min: Bideew Bou Bess sings “I Belong”

58 min addendum:  immediately after this show aired, when Democracy Now came on , their headlining piece was about taxi drivers in New York City struggling to make a living in the current livery business environment, with Uber unfairly influencing politicians, driving down wages,  and flooding the market with unregulated vehicles.  https://www.democracynow.org/2018/2/7/nyc_taxi_driver_kills_himself_at

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