#271: KatieScraper,SandyExpandable,BobcatnXXXCussin on the Bench,KCFoodStories

Katie Coleman got an invite from Northampton Neighbors to help scrape stickers from downtown signs, posts, recycling bins, etc, prepping to repaint.

5m: Sandy Ward from the Expandable Brass Band

10m: my rants and stories of the week: bike recycling, our Bike Path Bench campers, drunk high loud and harassing us and the neighbors.  and frustrated with inequality, access, and having no stable place to  be.   at 36min you’ll hear a mouthful from one of them.  i had to bleep out every other word.       btw, he apologized a few days later.

41m: no privacy in cars, they’re recording all your data, according to a new study..

46m: KC interviews me for the Hampshire Co Food Policy Council project

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