#150: DebinBrucePedCrashSafety

Live guest Debin Bruce, Northampton resident, joins me in the studio.  Debin recently finished a report on pedestrian safety for the National Transportation Safety Board     https://www.ntsb.gov/safety/safety-studies/Documents/SIR1803.pdf

Key points:

Crash vs Accident:  these are crashes, they’re preventable by better behavior and design, they’re not fault-free unavoidable events.

The slower motorists go, the safer everyone is.  Pedestrian survival rates are much much higher when motorists are going under 30mph vs over 40 mph.

Distracted travel is dangerous for everyone; whether it’s driving or walking under the influence.

Be seen – reflective surfaces are great for reducing nighttime crashes.

53m: letter to Eduardo Samaniego, in ICE detention in GA


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