#261: No Nipple Shame

No, I’m done with being ashamed of my nipples.  I’m a mammal, ok?!  Many of my nipply breasted friends share about their experiences growing breasts, the unwanted leers, the unwanted bras, the double standard based on someone else deciding what sex you are.  And even getting told they were being inappropriate when they were doing the most basic thing breasts are for, nursing.  Our Bodies, Ourselves!  Free the Nipple!

We have:

Ruthy ( some personal stories);

Anonymous “put a nipple on it”





plus some encouragement to be bold from Demi Lovato and Alicia Keyes

#260: NancySEIU,TimiReedy,Sylvatica in KY

My housemate Nancy talks about trying to get more fair pay for PCAs, a profession largely occupied by people of color.
More KY clips, some repeated from last week, but the new one:
Joana and Michael of Sylvatica forest farm near Berea, KY, tell how they built their house by hand, from the trees on the hill.

#259: KY trip: Timi Reedy,

I love to travel. This episode is stories from this past month’s trip to KY with my friend Cale.

Jean Ritchie: Movin on Down the River

Earth Day in Berea:  Ruwan Chang presented on yardens; cub scouts pack includes boys and girls

Timi Reedy in Berea/Disputanta, talks about her Mamaw and Papaw John and Frances Reedy and their music, as well as Appalachia-Science in the Public Interest.

John and Frances Reedy sing Somebody Touched Me

Glenna Angel from Angel Acres sheep farm shares about laundry sheets, an alternative to the popular heavy liquid detergent in thick plastic jugs.

Jose Rafael and Carmen Guevara duet : La de la muchila azul.

53m: El Mojado por Ricardo Arjona

#258: YomPabDanceSwim, BikeClub, Gabor’sBamboo

Today’s show…

2m – Angelique Kidjo and Jessy Wilson sing Keep Rising from The Woman King

8m: Bike Club interviews from JFK Middle school, the boys and Adele and I.

Yomaira and Pablo are at Musante Beach for a 50-something degree  Easter dip, after dancing the Sunday morning Dance Spirit free form dance at the Williamsburg Grange.

I went to Gabor’s in Amherst this morning for bamboo, and he tells us all about its life cycle.

On the way back, with a trailer load of bamboo, at Hatfield and N Elm I saw two cop cars and a Black man so I figured that would be a good place to stop to eat a grapefruit fresh from the Aldi’s dumpster, and eventually I realized, That’s my friend!  the Ghanaian guy. Everything was chill, and resolved with the help of the CSO mental health co-responder person, the police, some friends, and the EMTs.


#257: DTTthoughts, BarnRaising, LinGenPPerson, My Money Story Pt 2

DTT thoughts on phases of aging; the Chase Bank takeover of downtown N’ton; spring peepers in the Barrett St marsh;

7m : Alicia Spence, timber framer, leads a group of largely women builders in the (re) construction of a timber frame barn at Historic Northampton.

11m: Shakira, Whenever Wherever

15m ; LinGen and I talk near the paper compacter at Valley Recycling about his career as a Pedal Person, and perhaps soon also as a massage therapist.

21m:  Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

24m: Who’s going to grow food for me this year?

28m: Appetite for Change,  Grow Food

34m ; And the long-promised Part 2 of My Money Story .  (Pt 1 was Episode #255 )  In Part 2, we get to Paying for college, the 8-year plan, rent-free but 24-7 at the Catholic Worker, rushed bike messenger dreaming of slow bike riding work, dumpster diving, war tax resistance, inheriting $28,000, becoming a collective homeowner with Alex Jarrett and others,  living a full simple life and feeling blessed.

55m: Chronixx, I can


#256: DTT, E’tonLights,B4A,AlexJ25mph,jfkBikeClub,Nancy

lots of little clips this week. Actually, they’re from the week before since I didn’t do a show last week due to tech difficulties.

3m: DTT observations, you see what you’re primed to see; forced TV; decisions around having kids; housing court professional says his 4 divorces are all the women’s fault

9m: bike ride to Easthampton to see the new lights illuminating 1.5 miles of the Manhan rail trail, and splaying out in every direction.  Very glarey by Williston, spotlights shining up and down the path.    And, I meet a white snowball-like skunk rolling along my rear wheel in the moonlit snowy edge along Arcadia.  Whew!

17m: George Kohout and Mark Cabral are working on bikes at the Bikes4All garage on State St.

24m: Kacey Musgraves sings Slow Burn

28m: Alex Jarrett (housemate and Ward 5 City Councillor) talks about proposal to reduce Northampton City default speed limit to 25mph.

38m: Billy Ray Cyrus sings Busy Man

41m: Adele Paquin and I reflect on Bike Club at JFK Middle School

47m: My housemate Nancy Luce was at the Chase Bank protest/rally last week.  Divest from fossil fuels.

52m: Northampton’s Reparations Commission is forming this month!  Applications due by April 21st, 2023!

54m: Pointer Sisters:  Slow Hand






#255: JohannaB on living in cmty; Ruthy tells My Money Story Pt1

Johanna Bronk came our way from Eastern Mass via Couchsurfing this weekend.  I appreciated her wisdom sharing about communal living situations she’s been in, and how to make them work better.

12m: Ben E King: Stand by Me (yes, my community-mates)

25m: Patti Smith: People have the Power

30m: we’re trying to get a pickup truck/trailer full of bicycles to Norfolk, VA, in early April to put on a sailboat/diesel boat to Haiti!

33m: My Money Story, part 1:  this is me, talking about my family background in Eastern KY.    My dad came from Polish immigrants in a coal town in Eastern PA, my mom from a family of English scholars in Raleigh, NC.  Both of them were devout Christians guided by ethical values of fairness, and rejecting materialism.    Relative to my friends, and neighbors, my family was pretty well off, never had to worry about food, clothing, school books, etc.  Yet we lived frugally, largely off the land.  And thank God my parents protected us from having TV in the house.  More of My Money Story coming next week!  cuz i only got to about age 15 today.

51: Pointer Sisters: Yes we Can Can

#254: Heather Diaz: librarian at Forbes

Heather Diaz tells us all about what it’s like to be an information services (aka reference) librarian at Forbes, the main library in downtown Northampton.    Who comes? How did she become a librarian?  Does the library loan drums and induction cookplates?  Can she help you host a virtual meeting about reparations?  Are they open til 8pm?  Are they building a bandstand in the yard?  and more!

20m:  Mt Desert Island High School sings All About Those Books: https://vimeo.com/111859592

#253: c4cancer(Prevention?), Purim Puppetistas Sadie Yael, BenW Amish observations

Purim puppeteer interviewstarts at 9 min

Tech problems in the studio for this show.  Electrical issues.  it went over the air sporadically, there was no internet connection, and it didn’t record.  so this recording is just a  hashing together of my clips.  only 28 min.


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